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Justin Ross Harris trial continues with questioning potential jurors

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This is the 7th day of questioning jurors in the Justin Ross Harris trial.

The attorneys are not finding any potential juror that has not heard anything about this case. Some haven't heard very much. Others have and they have strong opinions.

"You actually wrote the words, 'I think he's guilty right'," Defense attorney Maddox Kilgore asked a potential juror.

 That person was questioned for less than 10 minutes. The shortest session we've seen so far.

Other jurors have also had their minds made up, but their questioning lasted much longer.

"You stated that you have formed an opinion about the defendant whether he is guilty or innocent and if you have an opinion what is your opinion at this point," Prosecutor Chuck Boring asked one person.

She answered that he is guilty.

During the afternoon session of questioning, one juror, who is self employed, broke down in tears explaining she is losing work and maybe her business if she sits on this lengthy trial.

"I'm really angry that I'm going to have to lose something that I've worked so hard for because of someone else's poor choices," that potential juror said.

Another potential juror is a former state trooper. A lot of questions were asked about his experience and investigations.

"Do you have any strong personal feelings about law enforcement in general for police officers in particular which would prevent you from giving both sides a fair trial and your answer was yes," defense attorney Kilgore asked that juror.

The man answered yes because he was one, but said they make mistakes too.

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