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Day 8: Juror dismissed for behavior in court

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Justin Ross Harris (Source: WGCL) Justin Ross Harris (Source: WGCL)

Day 8: CBS46's Vince Sims is in the courtroom as potential jurors are questioned for the trial of Justin Ross Harris. 

Harris is on trial in the death of his son, Cooper Harris.

Harris told investigators he forgot 22-month-old Cooper was in his car when he went to work on June 18, 2014. Cooper was found dead more than seven hours later.

A little more progress has been made in picking potential jurors for Harris' murder trial

The morning started in Judge Mary Staley's courtroom with defense attorney Maddox Kilgore arguing one person should be excused because she is pregnant.

"If this trial goes four, five, six weeks once we start evidence, however long it may end up going, she is going to be getting rather deep into her pregnancy," said Kilgore.

The judge did not excuse that juror.

The defense raised other arguments to remove potential jurors for preformed opinions of Harris' guilt. The prosecution argued against removing them.

"She indicated and agreed the defense would have to work, would have to work really hard to change her opinion," said Kilgore.

"Almost every juror has come in with an opinion about something about this case and that's exactly what the defense is arguing that she does have an opinion," said prosecutor Chuck Boring

The judge ruled she could stay as a potential juror.

But another woman with strong thoughts on the case was dismissed for what she wrote on her questionnaire and for her behavior in court.

"Anyone who forgets to take a child to school and goes to work should be punished," said Kilgore.

"Why unless you are under some sort of stress one might wonder does one need a cup with ice in it to be chewed upon and drunk upon, and I noticed the frankly, squirming," said Staley. "She will be disqualified by her questionnaire, her appearance and conduct in court, did not satisfy or support a change of mind."

Twenty-one people have been qualified as potential jurors. Fifteen people have been excused for various reasons.

After an argument hearing Wednesday morning, they were able to approve five more people for the jury pool.

They still need to get 40 to 60 people total.

Once they reach that pool of 40 to 60, each side will still have up to nine strikes to remove people.

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