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Day 10: Justin Ross Harris Courtroom Tweets

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Day 10: CBS46's Vince Sims is in the courtroom as potential jurors are questioned for the trial of Justin Ross Harris. 

Harris is on trial in the death of his son, Cooper Harris.

Harris told investigators he forgot 22-month-old Cooper was in his car when he went to work on June 18, 2014. Cooper was found dead more than seven hours later.

The second week of the trial is coming to a close. The number of qualified potential jurors is at 26. They need between 40 to 60 people so they can start selecting a jury of 12 and alternates.

A former NBA player was among the group taking the stand on Friday.

The first person to take the stand may have played pro ball, but the attorneys were more interested in his christian beliefs.

"You said you don't know all the laws, but if it's not in line with what I consider moral law it might be difficult," said said prosecutor Chuck Boring.

"In the book of Acts the Apostles were in a situation where they made that proclamation where we go into, you can tell us what to do or not to do but we are going to follow what God tells us," said defense attorney Bryan Lumpkin.

The juror said he would do what he can to be fair and honest.

"I kind of feel like I would have to follow you know the laws that are read to me and I would just have to pray that it would be okay," said the juror.

Another jurors issue was his wife's former job. She was a prosecutor.

"She is a former assistant district attorney a former prosecutor just like Mr. Boring and I is that correct," Prosecutor Jesse Evans asked.

But defense attorney Bryan Lumpkin was more concerned about his strong opinions.

"Your opinion is that he is guilty, you have a bias and prejudice, you are not impartial very clearly correct," Lumpkin asked. 

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