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Day 14: Justin Ross Harris Courtroom Tweets

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Day 14: CBS46's Vince Sims is in the courtroom as potential jurors are questioned for the trial of Justin Ross Harris.

Harris is on trial in the death of his son, Cooper Harris.

Harris told investigators he forgot 22-month-old Cooper was in his car when he went to work on June 18, 2014. Cooper was found dead more than seven hours later.

One juror, number 22, who was qualified has now been excused. The prosecution accused him of lying about a baseball scholarship to Chattahoochee Technical college. The school's athletic coordinator testified they do not give baseball scholarships.

"In comes a witness who is in a position to know and testify that that is not true, did so, so the state has proved up their case that these statements by juror 22 are not consistent with reality," Judge Mary Staley said.

That places the number of qualified people of potential jurors to 37.

Over the past two and a half weeks the attorneys have been trying to find jurors to hear the hot car death trial of Justin Ross Harris. Most everyone has heard something about this case and many have formed opinions. 

"You told the judge that you were not impartial, you indicated you have a preference and because you think he is guilty does that mean at this time you prefer the state side over Mr. Harris' side," defense attorney Maddox Kilgore asked a potential juror.

One juror questioned today works at Home Depot with her husband.  Attorneys were interested in that fact.

"Because you and your husband work at home depot do you think you are going to feel any extra pressure to make a decision one way or the other in this case," Kilgore asked.

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