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Moving the Justin Ross Harris trial out of Cobb County will not be easy

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Cobb County Superior Court Judge Mary Staley made it very clear moving the trial of Justin Ross Harris would not be easy.

"Who is going to accept us," Judge Staley asked the attorneys. "So where are we going? It's not going to be in metro area. It can't be."

Staley warned attorney's about what all must be considered in a move.

"Think about the expense to the taxpayers," Staley said. "I want you to think about the wear and tear on all of us if we pick up and move somewhere else and witnesses traveling up and down the highway because it's not like we are going to go to Macon."

She went on to say, "What about security in a courthouse where people have not been exposed to media coverage of this case? There are courthouses in Georgia that don't have security. They don 't even have air conditioning."

CBS46 legal analyst Keegan Federal said this move will involve more than just the people you've seen on TV during the 16 day long jury selection process.

"It will include the judge's staff, the judges law clerk, the judges legal assistant, the judges bailiff, the judges court reporter, the judges entire staff will most likely go down there," Keegan said.

CBS46 reporter Vince Sims confirmed through Judge Staley's court administrator they have begun the process. They must find a courtroom that can handle a lengthy trial. They also need a community that can accommodate all their staff and even media.

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