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Parents called 911 before man died during police incident in Coweta County

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Chase Sherman was Tased and died in Nov. 2015. (Source: New York Times) Chase Sherman was Tased and died in Nov. 2015. (Source: New York Times)
Chase Sherman and his fiancee appear in an undated photo provided by the family. (Courtesy: Sherman Family) Chase Sherman and his fiancee appear in an undated photo provided by the family. (Courtesy: Sherman Family)

WARNING: This video includes violent scenes and graphic language. It has been condensed from its original length but is otherwise unaltered.

On Nov. 20, 2015, Chase Sherman was handcuffed and Tasered by two Coweta County sheriff's deputies responding to a 911 call from his parents. Sherman died at the scene.

The body cameras worn by the deputies captured the episode.

According to the New York Times, Sherman was reacting to synthetic marijuana he had taken days earlier. He bit his girlfriend and tried to jump out of the back seat of the car as the family drove through Georgia toward Florida.

That's when Sherman's parents called 911 for help.

Records show Tasers fired more than 15 times

In March, attorney Chris Stewart provided Taser records that he said he got from the Coweta County Sheriff's Office.

They show one stun gun was used nine times in two and a half minutes for a total of 47 seconds, including one use that lasted 17 seconds. The other stun gun was used six times in just over four minutes for a total of 29 seconds. It's not clear how many times the stun guns made contact with Sherman.

On Friday, District Attorney Peter J. Skandalakis released the following statement:

On November 20, 2015 Coweta County deputies and emergency medical personnel responded to a 911 caller who informed dispatchers that her son, Chase Sherman, “is freaking out … he is on some kind of drug …”  The caller requested the immediate assistance of law enforcement and stated that she had pulled over on I-85. Sheriff's deputies located the car parked beside the median concrete barrier on the interstate. Deputies were able to get the family of Mr. Sherman moved to safety but Mr. Sherman was physically combative and would not cooperate in getting out of the back seat. The deputies responded with the use of Tasers in order to force Mr. Sherman to comply with their commands. Multiple attempts were made to subdue Sherman but the Tasers did not seem to have an effect.

Eventually, the deputies and an EMT were able to bring Sherman under control by physically restraining him in the back seat. Soon thereafter, the deputies and the EMT noted that Mr. Sherman was unresponsive. They pulled him from the vehicle and attempted to resuscitate Mr. Sherman, but they were not successful.

Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager requested a GBI investigation since this was a "use of force" incident, which caused the death of a person in custody. The medical examiner declared Sherman's death to be a homicide. The GBI completed its investigation and forwarded the file to the District Attorney's Office on February 5, 2016 for review.

At this time, District Attorney Peter J. Skandalakis announces that, “the review of this case is not complete, the investigation is ongoing and a final decision has not been made concerning the outcome of this case. However, in recognition of the great public interest in this matter I have decided to make the body camera and dash board videos available to the media. I have also furnished a copy of the videos to Mr. Chris Stewart, the attorney for the Sherman family. This case will be evaluated closely by examining the facts and applicable law before any conclusion is formed.”

“I extend my condolences to the Sherman family and thank them for their patience.”

Sherman's parents and their attorney, Stewart, spoke to reporters reacting to the video Friday.

“The man was handcuffed in the backseat of a car but when he didn’t comply they whipped out their tasers and they start tasering him," said Stewart."Taser him, taser him, they taser him again. A man who is handcuffed, laying down being crushed by a 200 pound man."

Sherman's father, Kevin, said, "He says, 'I quit' and these dirty dogs didn’t know when to quit.”

“The worst nightmare came true," said his mother, Mary Ann.

CBS46 sat down with public safety analyst Mike Brooks Friday for his reaction to the video.

"I think when they tried to go get him out, that's when all hell broke loose," Brooks said.  "We don't know if the Taser was affecting him or not."

When asked if Brooks thought deputies acted appropriately, he responded, "from what I'm seeing, I think they did."

Stewart said he plans to ask the Justice Department to review the case.

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