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Georgia Sec. of State: Don't take that "ballot selfie"

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Social media and the smartphone have helped increase the obsession of the phenomena called the selfie, but lawmakers want voters to know selfies aren't welcomed everywhere.

Georgia law states, “No elector shall use photographic or other electronic monitoring or recording devices or cellular telephones while such elector is within the enclosed space in a polling place.” 

Lawmakers encourage voters to #PostThePeach rather than break the law and post a selfie with the voting ballot.

Snapchat fights to legalize ballot selfie

The popular social media platform is taking a stand against the ban on "ballot selfies."

Snapchat filed a 26-page brief in New Hampshire in April, in support of an ACLU suit that advocates for a voter's right to take and share photos of their ballots in the voting booth.

Snapchat argues ballot selfies are "simply the latest way that voters, especially young voters, engage with the political process and show their civic pride." The social media company says the photos could "encourage others to vote." 

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