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Dangerous Decatur road has drivers and pedestrian asking the city to help keep them safe

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    An accident on West College Avenue in Decatur last week has nearby residents asking the city to do something to keep them safe. A 10-year-old boy was hit while riding his bicycle near Mead Rd. and West College Ave. on Thursday. He wasn't severely injured. That wasn't the case six months ago when 12-year-old Lydia Cochran was hit on West College Ave.and McDonough St. She suffers from brain damage and still can't walk or talk.

"[It's been] life changing, very tough. It’s effected all of us,” Rachel Cochran, Lydia's mother told CBS46. 

Cochran was hoping her daughter's accident would prompt change. 

After Thursday's incident neighbors say something needs to be done.

"There's a lot of traffic. There's a lot of schools along this road and a lot of people who I don't think pay attention to the fact that there's kids walking up and down this street," Andrea White, who walks dogs along West College Ave. said.

This city has been planning to build a pedestrian inter-pass between Mead Rd. and Olympia Place for three years. The path would allow pedestrians to bypass West College Ave. 

Deputy city manager, Hugh Saxon says the project is very time consuming but they are making progress. After getting easement from property owners the city will vote on a bidder for the project at its June 6th meeting.

"People should be very excited about this," Saxon said.

White says that won't entirely fix the problem.

"I mean if they want to put a trail behind everybody's house going all the way down College Avenue that would be great," she said.

The city says it's working on a number of pedestrian safety projects that will also be discussed at the June 6th meeting.