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GA company claims to have Zika virus fix

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The fix to a global health concern, could be right here in Georgia.

Bite back is a mosquito larva trap, designed to stop the breeding of mosquitoes.

Jimmy Forehand said putting a stop to breeding, could help put an end to the spreading of illnesses like the Zika virus.

“If you clean them out of the area, then it’s pretty hard to get Zika virus because there’s nothing there to give it to you,” said Forehand.

Forehand said an odor attracts the mosquitoes to a bucket. Once  a female lays her eggs, and they hatch, they’re locked in.

“This trap mimics the natural breeding area of the mosquitoes that carry Zika virus, it also mimics the natural breeding areas of about 95 percent of the mosquitoes in the world,” said Forehand.

Many customers attest its success.

“Mosquitoes love me and being able to be out in my backyard and not have any issues…” said one customer.

However, an advisor with the American Mosquito Control Association said in order for the product to work, a mosquito has to lay eggs. Female mosquitoes only lay eggs, after it’s bitten something or someone.

He also said mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus lay their eggs differently than others.

“The primary vector of Zika virus has what's called skip over position, so it doesn't lay out its legs all in one spot,” said advisor Joseph Conlon.

Forehand said he’s already sold thousands of Bite Back buckets to Brazil for testing.

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