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UPDATED: Gold medal stolen from Olympic champion's vehicle

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Photo source: Lisa Riblet Jacobi Photo source: Lisa Riblet Jacobi

A gold medalist from the 1992 Olympics has taken to social media in an attempt to track down the gold medal that was stolen from his vehicle Monday night.

Joe Jacobi, a former canoeist who won gold at the games in Barcelona, says someone stole the gold medal, along with a backpack and computer tablet from his vehicle as he was at La Fonda Latina restaurant on Howell Mill Road in West Midtown Atlanta.

Witnesses say they saw three black men with shirts covering their faces break the rear, passenger-side window and take several items from the vehicle. A picture taken by restaurant patrons has been posted to social media showing the suspect's vehicle. The vehicle is described as a black Volkswagen Passat with the temporary license tag number of 20295512.

The entire crime, which happened around 6:45pm Monday, was also captured by restaurant surveillance cameras. One man can be seen jumping through the broken out window of Jacobi’s car.

“That piece of metal doesn’t define me,” Jacobi told CBS46. Jacobi shared he isn't angry about the medal being stolen but make no mistake he wants it back. Jacobi hopes the men who stole it will be inspired by what the medal represents, the best in humanity, and return it.

“It really is an opportunity for those people to have their own Olympic gold medal moment by returning the medal, not to me but to us… no questioned asked, it can be done,” Jacobi stated.

Jacobi's wife, Lisa tells CBS46's Daniel Wilkerson that he “carries his medal with him to share with school children and when he is doing public speaking. He believes that the medal belongs to America and not to him personally and he wants to make sure that as many people as would like have the ability to hold or wear the medal.”

Many people have sounded off on social media, trying to spread the word of the stolen medal. Pictures of the suspect's vehicle and the gold medal are listed below in the post by Lisa Riblet Jacobi.

Jacobi competed in two Olympic games, winning gold in the C-2 event at the 1992 games in Barcelona. Jacobi and his partner Scott Strausbaugh were the first Americans ever to win gold in that event.

Jacobi also competed at the Olympic games in Athens in 2004, where he and his partner Matt Taylor finished 9th in the C-2 event.

Tuesday, an apartment manager spotted the stolen car in her parking lot. She recognized it from news reports. Police recovered Jacobi’s backpack and laptop; however his medal remain missing.

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