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Civil Rights activist weighs in on back-to-back shootings

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Andrew Young (Source: WGCL) Andrew Young (Source: WGCL)

CBS46 reached out to one of Atlanta’s most prominent men for his take on back to back shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota. In a matter of hours, two black men were shot by police officers.

Civil rights activist, former Atlanta mayor and Ambassador Andrew Young said at times there’s a terror and tension between police and the community.

“The atmosphere between the police and the community tends to be one of fear not hatred,” said Young.

He said that type of violence can happen anywhere, including metro Atlanta. 

One example he mentioned was the shooting of Anthony Hill, a black man in DeKalb County. Hill was unarmed and naked when he was shot by Officer Robert Olsen in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Young said those actions are intolerable, so local officers are encouraged to study criminology and the communities they serve. He said policemen and women need more than just a badge and a gun.

“You can’t just take a high school kid and put him in a uniform and give him a stick and a gun and expect him to handle all of the problems that occur in cities,” said Young.

Whether it’s Louisiana, Minnesota or metro Atlanta, Young drives home the point that better training may lead to less bloodshed.

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