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Black gun owners say they're viewed as a threat

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Black gun owner Philip Smith said he carries his gun with caution.

He’s so careful, he said if he’s pulled over by a police officer, he doesn’t mention that he has a gun.

“The fear is there, and it’s scary let’s be honest it’s very scary,” said Smith.

In Georgia, you’re not required to tell law enforcement you’re packing heat.

Smith said he doesn’t mention it for other reasons.

“If you see someone of another persuasion walking down the street and you see them with a gun they’re just exercising their 2nd amendment rights…but when an African American does it I think there’s a negative twist automatically assigned to that particular person,” said Smith.

Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, MN. He was an armed black man with a permit to carry a gun.

“I think the officer overreacted, had his own negative biases obviously,” said Smith.

However some black gun owners said 2nd amendment rights are enforced fairly across the board.

“I can’t imagine any different treatment…everyone that has a weapon has the capacity to be a threat so I don’t really attach skin color to that,” said Lemuel Lee.

Smith said he’s not blaming or bashing police officers. He is more so focused on protecting his rights.

CBS46 reached out to the National Rifle Association for a comment on this subject matter. We’ll post a response as soon as possible.

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