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Brookhaven employees say they were wrongfully arrested

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Several employees working at Brookhaven businesses believe they were wrongfully arrested.

They said in June they were issued a citation and a court date for failing to have a permit to handle alcohol. 

CBS46 found around 14 employees who were arrested at about 9 different Brookhaven businesses within a week. Many said they didn’t think they needed a pouring permit because they don’t actually touch liquor, beer or wine.  

Brittany Hamm is an employee at Wing Ranch. She said she was working in the front of the store at the cash register, when two officers walked in and asked for her permit.

“He never seen me actually with alcohol in my hand,” said Hamm.

Hamm was cited and said she filed for her pouring permit the following day.

Alejandro Macias, an employee at El Torero, said he was slapped with same citation.

“Why would I need a license to bring people alcohol when I have already have somebody who brings it for them,” said Macias.

A spokesperson with the Brookhaven Police Department said employers were given fair warning about the inspections and employees will have a chance to make their argument in court.

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