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Stop-arm cams on school buses are watching you

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12-year-old Tyler Klitenic has seen it happen.

"They'll honk at us and be really rude and speed by us, and not be respectful when we are stopping to get people," Klitenic said.

Children on the bus see it happen. They know it's wrong and so do parents.

"That's terrible," parent Angela Cannon said. "I just don't understand people's thinking concept or why they are in such a hurry to put lives in danger, especially children's lives in danger."

That's why many districts, including Cobb County Schools, have installed stop arm cameras on their buses. They record people breaking the law and then citations are mailed out to them.

"It's wrong for those cars to go through the bus stop anyway so it's nice to catch them, and then they get ticketed," Minny Siriveerawan said.

The cameras help provide an extra set of security eyes for school bus drivers who already have a lot they're watching.

"I'm visually looking to make sure nobody is passing me and then I'm watching and I'm looking at all my mirrors over here, and then I have to check over here to make sure nobody is coming around this side before I ever let anybody off," bus driver Yvonne Martin said.

The citations are $300 for a first offense, $750 for a second offense and a third offense is $1,000.

"The more people that know the cameras are on the bus, the more people will slow down when they see the school bus," parent Claire Klitenic said.

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