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Local man wants truck speeds lowered, drivers disagree

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In move designed to cut down on deadly accidents involving tractor trailers, the U.S. Department of Transportation wants to bring speed limits directly to the engine.

Instead of trusting the driver not to go too fast, they're going to make sure it's impossible for the truck to move beyond a certain speed.

Right now they're kicking around numbers like 60, 65, or 68 miles per hour. Some drivers say they tend to go that speed anyway.

"I figure if I go 60-65 miles an hour, I'm saving money," says driver David Tid.

People like Steve Owings are all for the changes. Owings founded 'Road Safe America' after his son, Cullum, died after a truck driver hit him 14 years ago. His group helped to push for new DOT rule.

"Big rigs like the one that killed my son, was speeding, using cruise control, which we had no idea you could even put on a big rig until our worst day. So, we are just thrilled that this is finally going to get published. The US, by the way, is the only leading country on Earth without such a rule."

But some drivers CBS46 found at a truck stop on I-285 are not convinced that this is the answer. David Tid says not being able to match the speed of traffic can be just as dangerous as going too fast.

"There are some situations where you need the power to accelerate to get around a problem. So I disagree," said Tid. "I suspect that many of the people making these decisions for us have no experience on the road."

For the next two months, the U.S. Department of Transportation will be taking public comments to see what people think about the proposed rule. That will most-likely have a large impact on how the final law turns out.

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