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APD: Hundreds of guns stolen from cars this year

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Atlanta police are asking for help from the public to reduce the number of stolen guns on the street. 

The department released a public service announcement encouraging gun owners to not keep their guns in their cars and to make sure they know the serial number of their firearms.

"It is a serious problem," said Sgt. Warren Pickard. "It's so serious that we’re in the process of doing whatever we can to get some of these guns back.”

"As long as they’re still on the street we know at some point they're going to be involved in a crime and that’s concerning to us," Pickard added.

According to Atlanta police, 857 guns were stolen out of cars in Atlanta last year. There have been 633 stolen out of cars so far this year.

"I was blown away. That’s a lot of guns out on the street," said Pickard. 

In about half of the cases, he said gun owners didn't know the serial numbers of the stolen weapons, which makes it extremely difficult to track them down.

Tackling the issue of stolen guns is an ongoing issue and priority for the department.

Pickard said, "We started a task force, we thought about ending that task force, but we’re not sure that’s what we’re going to do because we still need to be working to get some of these guns off the street."

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