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Bump and run robberies target women's cars

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Lucretia Delva is a business woman that spends a lot of time driving alone.

"I'm always on the road at least several hours out of the day," Delva said.

She was very concerned to learn of the latest crime trend happening in the area.

"It's definitely alarming and quite frightening, especially if you are single females."

CBS46 learned from DeKalb County police that two men in a dark-colored car are targeting women to steal their car. They will rear-end the woman's car, tapping the bumper. It's a minor accident, but the major danger comes when she gets out of her car to look for damage.

"As they exited the vehicle, the passenger in the vehicle that struck them exited the vehicle and ran around the passenger side, got in the other persons vehicle and drove off with it," Major Stephen Fore with DeKalb County police said.

It happened twice in just a few days. One was around 8 a.m. The other time was around 9 p.m. The men stole a Cadillac Escalade and an Infinity sedan.

"It's definitely going to have me be aware of my surroundings, you know what I'm doing, looking for landmarks, making sure that I'm just aware while I'm driving," Delva said.

Police warn that you should not get out of your car even for a minor accident.

"Try to resist the urge to get out of the car," Fore said. "That's your first instinct. You want to get out of the car and check the damage. Try to resist that. Go ahead and get on the phone and call 911."

Which is exactly what this driver says she'll do.

"Oh, I'm just sitting there and I'm going to call the cops with my doors locked," Delva said.

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