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Legionella found in water at Marietta's Lockheed Martin campus

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Thursday, the Georgia Department of Public Health said they found the bacteria that causes Legionnaire's Disease during testing of water at Lockheed-Martin's Marietta campus.

GDPH said that environmental testing found legionella in the potable water and cooling towers at the manufacturer's facility on Cobb Dr.

Earlier in September, the Department of Public Health confirmed four Lockheed Martin employees were diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease in the past 12 months. 

At that time, officials with Lockheed Martin said the company was collaborating with a private testing lab but said in a written statement that there was no confirmation the disease had come from the workplace.

CBS46 spoke with a former Lockheed Martin employee diagnosed with legionnaire’s disease while employed at the Marietta campus. He says he plans on taking legal action against the aeronautical giant along with others who were diagnosed.

“I knew something was pretty serious when I couldn’t stand up and walk... the doctor at the urgent care had actually said that I was pretty close to dying,” Gyasi Brown told CBS46. The operational engineer says one day back in November 2014, he was rushed to hospital by ambulance and diagnosed with legionnaire’s disease.

When doctors asked Brown if he had recently been in any old buildings he immediately concluded his illnesses was tied to working at Lockheed Martin.

“Its I believe built during WWI or WWII for bombers so it is a very very old building,” Brown shared. Brown says he reported his illness and his suspicions he contracted it at work to his superiors but at least four other employees got sick after he did.

“They were trying to brush it under the rug,” Brown contended.

The Department of Public Health says their investigation at Lockheed Martin is ongoing. The company has promised to take additional steps to ensure a safe and healthy environment including regular flushing of the water system.

“Has to be on the news for something to happen you know that ridiculous… someone should be held responsible for it,” Brown argued.

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