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Open statements begin in Justin Ross Harris malice murder trial

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Cobb County assistant district attorney Chuck Boring spoke for 90 minutes during his opening statement to the jury in the Justin Ross Harris trial. 

Harris is accused of intentionally leaving his 22-month-old son Cooper Harris to die in the back of a hot car in 2014.

"He doesn't try to call 911," Boring said. "He tries to call his wife and trying to call daycare. He doesn't call 911. Instead [he] separates himself from his child. No tears and will be describe sort of like Will Ferrell screaming, 'Oh my gosh what have I done? What have I done?" and then he is calm."

Boring brought up several issues to the jury as far as evidence that will be presented during this trial. He said there will testimony about Harris' lack of emotion when it came to finding his son dead in the back of the car.

Boring says police car video will show Harris actually complaining about it being hot in the back of a patrol car he was put in during the investigation.

Boring told the jury they would see evidence of Harris sexting women, even under-aged girls, asking them to send pictures of their body.

Boring assured the jurors there will be testimony from experts and police on scene that will describe the smell of Harris' car when Cooper was found.

"No doubt that a child sitting in that car for seven hours baking in the hot Georgia sun with urine in that diaper, with hair matted and soaked through with sweat would have stunk," Boring said.

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