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City of Doraville dismisses idea of Gay Pride Day

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A political controversy is brewing in one metro Atlanta community in DeKalb County. In her quest for equal rights, Haseena Peera received some disappointing news from the city of Doraville.

“It’s a huge slap in the face,” Peera said. “A part of who I am is invisible to these people.”

Peera is a lesbian who formed the group "Queer Youth for Equality."

In September, she went before the city council to ask officials to recognize a Gay Pride Day by way of a resolution. That’s when she said the mayor suggested an entire month, a claim the mayor refutes.   

“There was not one thing that she promised in actuality that came to fruition,” Peera said.

So instead of the council voting on a gay pride resolution, the city issued the agenda for Monday’s meeting calling for a proclamation presentation in recognition of LGBT history, which is not what Peera’s group said they had asked for.

“I am not satisfied. Not at all. This is nowhere close to where we should be,” Peera said.

“So when the community is promised something and it just gets pulled away for what seems to be political reasons is disheartening,” LGBT supporter Christopher Richardson said.

It’s a setback for some in the Doraville community just days before the Gay Pride Festival gets underway in the city of Atlanta

“Well I think it’s really a shame and a missed opportunity for the city of Doraville, which has one of the largest LGBTQ populations in metro Atlanta,” LGBT supporter Kimberly Krautter said.

“It’s upsetting and sadly it’s half-heartedly expected,” Peera said.

It’s also an issue that is sure to come up again. Mayor Pittman told CBS46 it’s a misunderstanding and that she never agreed to a resolution for a gay pride day or month.

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