Atlanta man regains his freedom after sidewalk repair - CBS46 News

Atlanta man regains his freedom after sidewalk repair

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For many people a broken sidewalk is no big deal. You just walk around it. But for Anthony Morrow, a missing slab of concrete meant he was missing out on getting to his pharmacy. Anthony gets around his Cheshire Bridge Road neighborhood on a motorized chair, but he hit a roadblock of sorts when he reached this broken sidewalk. So why didn't he just cross the street and use the other sidewalk? It also had a section removed. Anthony needed results, so he decided he'd Better Call Harry. Harry learned from Mayor Reed's office that Google Fiber had removed the chunks of sidewalk. Two days after Harry called the mayor's staff, Google sent a crew to make the repairs on both sides of the street.. Now Anthony has an easy way to get to his pharmacy, The mayor's office wants you to know that you can file a complaint like Anthony's by calling the city's service line at 311. After filing your complaint, you can keep track of it online.

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