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Doctor: It’s almost flu season, get your flu shot by the end of the month

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Now is the time to get your flu vaccine, but first there are some new guidelines you need to know about. The nasal spray option is out and a new more powerful vaccine for seniors is in.  

Seniors, children under 6-years-old and pregnant women are the most at risk from the flu, but even if you are a completely healthy person the flu can still take you out a commission for days.

“This year’s flu season in metro Atlanta will likely begin later this month,” said Doctor John Destito of American Family Care, an urgent care clinic on Howell Mill Road just off I-75.

“By our experience for the last couple of years we know that the flu starts up in late October, early November,” Destito told CBS46. The end of October should be your deadline to get the flu shot.

“It takes two weeks to really get productivity for the flu vaccine,” Destito contended.

There’s a new high dose flu shot for seniors this year: Flu Zone HD.

“That actually has four times the amount of antigen in that vaccine and the antigen is what produces the antibody, makes the person more protected,” Destito explained.

This year, you will not find a nasal spray option.

“The studies have proven that the flu mist is 3% or less effective,” Destito reported. This year’s flu shot has been updated to protect against several flu strains which are predicted to be common during the 2016/2017 season.

“I think more people are getting the flu vaccine and they recognize that the flu vaccine is one of the best protections you have against having a really serious flu,” Destito asserted.

While the flu shot is not 100 percent effective, if you do get the flu having the flu vaccine will lessen the severity of your illness. Destito also wants to dispel a myth arguing you cannot get the flu from the flu vaccine.

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