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Wife to husband’s killer: 'You took something precious from me'

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Cynthia and Anthony Welch were married for nearly 25 years Cynthia and Anthony Welch were married for nearly 25 years

While Cobb County investigators continue tracking down clues in the murder of Anthony Welch, killed by a gunman outside of a Pappadeaux restaurant in Marietta Friday night, Welch’s wife is recalling the evening her husband of 25 years was taken from her in the blink of an eye.

“I have my moments when I see visions and go back and see what happened … and I talk to my husband, and I know he’s with me, to hold on and be strong.  Because he would want me to be strong,” said Cynthia.

She and her husband met in Junior High and were married in their early 20s.  Cynthia said her husband wanted to take her out Friday night to start a weekend-long birthday celebration for her, and they chose Pappadeaux restaurant on Windy Hill Road near I-75.

The establishment was packed with people and cars, and Cynthia said they had to wait more than an hour to get a table.  But the large crowd did not prevent someone from lying in wait in the parking lot, springing an attack on the couple as they left the building to head to their car.

“I don’t know where he came from,” said Cynthia.  “But all I saw was him standing in front of me with a gun pointed at my face.  He just said ‘give it all to me, I want it all,’ something like that.  And I looked at him in disbelief, and I’m like is this real?  And all I saw was a gun in my face, and I thought he was going to shoot me in my face.  And then he snatched the necklace off that I had on, and I went like this (holding up her arm), and that’s when he shot me in my arm.”

Her gunshot wound was not life-threatening, but Anthony did not survive the attack.

Cobb County investigators believe the attack was random, and are asking for help from the public in developing leads on the case.  Cynthia said she was not able to get a good look at the man, because he was there and gone within a matter of seconds.

“(The killer) took something precious from me, from us,” she said.   “And we can never get that back.  I don’t have my husband anymore – I just have loving memories, and that will always stay with me.  (The killer) can’t take that away from me.”

Anyone with information on the murder is asked to call Cobb County Police.

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