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City pushes back vote on potential parking enforcement successor

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The Atlanta City Council decided in a meeting on Wednesday to name SP Plus parking as the potential successor to embattled ParkATL.

During their meeting Wednesday, the group's transportation committee named the company as the frontrunner. The full committee was expected to put it up for a vote on Monday, October 17 but council members decided to push back the final decision after sending it back to committee.

It was pushed back because questions were raised about whether city officials were rushing into what they called "another bad deal".

"It seems to me that if that's the case, it's even more reason for the new vendor to put the squeeze and to prey on residents and other people in the city, if they're going to make a profit over $7 million they're going to be even worse than the folks that we're kicking out," said State Senator Vincent Fort.

SP+, a Chicago-based company, "is the leading provider of professional parking management services throughout North America," according to their website. 

"We specialize in maximizing parking profitability for our clients while at the same time making the parking experience a first-class, enjoyable one for parking consumers," the website says.

The company operates thousands of facilities with over 2 million parking spaces across North America. according to their website.

The company also does parking in Nashville, where it has an A+ rating for its parking services and no complaints. In Maryland, there are 5 complaints on file. 

DOJ sued to block formation of company

In 2012, the US Department of Justice sued to block a merger that would form the company that is now SP+. Standard Parking and Central Parking, at the time two of the largest operators of off-street, sought to merge.

The DOJ saw the merger as a threat to competition in cities where the two were head-to-head competitors, which wouldn't be the case any longer, if they became one company.

Atlanta is specifically named as an area where Standard and Central Parking operated facilities close enough to be competitive, among 29 other states, mostly major metropolitan areas.. 

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