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Driver says gun was pulled on her in road rage incident

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Whether it’s on I-85 or I-285, driving on metro Atlanta’s roadways can be frustrating.

It’s when frustration turns into action that drivers like Carissa Morgan fear for their lives.

“You just...never know who you’re dealing with in the car next to you,” said Morgan.

She said as she was heading east on I-285, she saw a car speeding behind her. Morgan said she then tried get out of the way, but could not and had to brake suddenly. She said the driver became aggressive and pulled out a gun.

“It took me a second to realize what it was. I was like, what’s he pointing at me, what is that? And then I look and I’m like, yep that was a gun and he was screaming and yelling,” said Morgan.

At this point, she said she had to think quickly.

“I’m just going to hold my phone up so he doesn’t shoot me,” she said.

Morgan said the driver bolted off of an exit and she called the police.

According to a recent AAA study, about 90 percent of drivers feel just as threatened as Morgan did. It also found that 8 million drivers admitted to having extreme road rage.

Those heated moments can boil over in an instant. Just four months ago, a man in Cobb County was shot after an argument with another driver.

AAA said it’s important not to make eye contact with an aggressive driver and call 911 if you need to.

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