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Survival rates for breast cancer differ for white, black women, especially in Atlanta

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there is a disturbing new study on death rates.

The study found a wide gap between the survival rates of black and white women, especially in Atlanta. Breast cancer survival rates are up for white women but down for black women.

In Atlanta, 100,000 black women and 100,000 white women with breast cancer were studied. A total of 20 white women died compared to 44 per black women. The disparity is the greatest among any large city in the nation.

“I actually had stage 2 cancer and I had to do chemo and radiation,” Johnetta Goolsby shared with CBS46. She is part of a problem troubling Atlanta doctors: young African-American women with aggressive breast cancers.

“I was diagnosed when I was,” Goolsby reported. Her doctor told her she's is the youngest patient she ever treated. The young mom found a lump in her breast shortly after she stopped breast feeding her daughter.

“I was in a state of shock. I was like, not me, and then all I could think about was my daughter,” Goolsby recalled. She had both breasts removed and is now cancer free.

Overall, however, black women in the United States are 43 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than white women.

“We know that some of the more aggressive sub types of breast cancer are more likely to affect African American women,” stated Dr. Keerthi Gogineni, and oncologist at Emory Winship Cancer Institute.

Black women in Atlanta also may face greater barriers when it comes to accessing healthcare.

“This is a public health issue. It’s a matter of access to mammograms, a matter of treatment for cancer after you get diagnosed,” Gogineni asserted.

Breast cancer is nearly 100 percent survivable if caught early. If you can't pay for a mammogram screening for breast cancer, there are resources in our community to help.

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