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Justin Ross Harris overcome with emotions in court

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Dr. Brian Frist is retired now, but he was the Chief Medical Examiner during the Cooper Harris death investigation.

"The manner of death would be homicide, meaning forensically his death was due to someone else's hand, meaning this was not a natural death and he died as a result of somebody else's actions," Dr. Frist testified.

But Justin Ross Harris' defense made sure to have him explain the difference between homicide and murder.

"I'm talking about forensic terminology, legal terminology is different than forensic terminology. "

Frist gave descriptions of Cooper's body and what he went through while dying in the hot car. During that testimony Harris broke down in tears.

"Most probably he definitely went through the various phases of having a headache and probably had nausea and may have had some seizures activity prior to becoming unconscious and passing," Frist said.

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