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Detective Stoddard testifies in malice murder trial

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The prosecution showed video to the jury of Cooper Harris walking into daycare. Justin Ross Harris walks in behind him. This is one day before he forgets to take him there.

Other video shown in court was the moment Harris gets dropped off at his car after going to lunch with friends. He places light bulbs in the car while Cooper is in the back. Lead Cobb County detective Phil Stoddard said Harris should have seen Cooper in the car.

"Never once are we going to say where the defendants eyes were," Stoddard said. "I will say there is nothing between him and and a view of the inside of that car."

In other testimony Stoddard said there was a computer search on Harris computer for  'What is prison really like' and a link to 'A Child Free Life.'

Previous testimony showed a friend sent him that child free link.

There was also a video shown that was accessed on Harris computer. It was a veterinarian in a hot car warning people not to leave your pets behind.
"It's about 110 in my car at this point I would imagine if I were a small dog or dog that is older I'm going to be in serious trouble," the veterinarian said in the video clip.

Besides the video testimony, Stoddard also had the opportunity to clarify what smells he noted in the car the day Cooper's body was found.

"When I say decomposition I wasn't meaning like the gases and everything I wasn't doing the scientific version," Stoddard said. "As a detective I'm not a scientist. As a detective I said decomp and it smelled like decomp to me or death and I associate the two together."

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