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Firefighters dealing with more brushfires this year

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In Cherokee County, it’s another day, another fire, local firefighters are dealing with more brushfires than they have in years

“It scared me,” said Jene White, a Cherokee County homeowner who saw a fire outside here house Monday afternoon. “I was home by myself, so I knew my water hose would not reach this far.”

White called 911 after seeing smoke and a Cherokee County Fire crew rushed to the scene--extinguishing the fire before it could spread and cause even more damage.  

“The fire was between a couple of residence,” said Cpt. Kevin Lanier of Cherokee County Fire. “There seems to be a little bit of an increase of brushfires in last couple of weeks.”

A big reason why Cherokee County and areas all over Atlanta are seeing so many more fires is because of the drought.

“Brushfires, with these conditions, spread a lot quicker than normal,” Cpt. Lanier said.

Despite all the dangers linked to this year's drought, fire crews say there are several things you can do to better protect yourself like following proper burning guidelines, making sure to clear brush from your property and making sure to never throw cigarettes out the window while driving.

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