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Where is the bullet that killed Diane McIver?

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CBS46 Investigates uncovered new details about key evidence that may have been compromised in the Diane McIver homicide investigation.

"No projectiles recovered." That's what it says in Diane McIver's autopsy report. The doctor who performed the autopsy tells CBS46 reporter Natalie Rubino the bullet went right through Diane and most likely would've been found inside the vehicle she was shot in. Atlanta Police however, say they, "can't confirm or deny" that they have the bullet in custody. Tex McIver and his attorney, Steve Maples say they don't have the bullet either.

"No we did not remove the bullet from the vehicle, of course not," Maples said during a phone interview.

Law enforcement experts say if the bullet is missing, it could compromise the entire investigation.

"The bullet is probably the biggest piece of evidence in this case," CBS46 Law Enforcement Analyst Vincent Hill said. "You need to look at that bullet to see if it matches that gun, if the striations are a match to that gun. You need all those tests to make sure this is the gun that caused this incident."

Tex says after the gun went off in his lap the bullet passed through the seat Diane was sitting in and hit her in the back. But the autopsy reports says "the bullet did not pass through an intermediate target."

Maples says that as far as he knows there is no damage inside the front of the car that would've been caused by the bullet exiting Diane's body.

"I did not see, but I did not spend a lot of time looking to see, if there was any damage to the interior of the car that would've been caused by the bullet," he said.

Maples says the bullet could've lost power after hitting Diane and fell to the ground but Hill says testing the bullet is the only way to prove that was the case.

"There's a lot that can be answered if we find that bullet," Hill said.

Tuesday marks one month since Tex McIver says he accidentally shot and killed his wife, Diane while they were on their way home from their Putnam County farm with Diane's best friend, Dani Jo Carter. Atlanta Police are still investigating.