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Mom gives out life-saving medication after son’s overdose

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The heroin epidemic continues to take lives in metro Atlanta. In the last decade, the number of deadly overdoses has quadrupled. More Americans now die from drug overdoses than car accidents.

Many of the lives lost could have been saved with a simple injection. One mom who lost her son and now is giving out free kits to save others.

On Wednesday night, Robin Elliot sat quietly inside the Pullman gastropub as Reverend Hilton performed, a picture of her son by her side.

“He was my only child…he went to a private school in Buckhead, played 4 sports... he scored over 700 on all three sections of his SAT’s,” Elliot shared with CBS46.

Elliot said in 3 months her son Zack’s life spiraled out of control due to drugs.The night of April 30, 2011 heroin took his life.

“At 3 o’clock that afternoon, I got the call from my in-laws that some young children down in the English Avenue neighborhood had found his body in the backseat of his grandparents’ car and that was the beginning of my nightmare,” Elliot recalled.

It was also the beginning of her fight to save others, a fight she’s won hundreds of times.

“We have over 450 reversals just based on the kits we have distributed,” Elliot contended.

Elliot worked with other grieving families to pass a “Good Samaritan” law in 2014 exempting anyone who helps someone who is overdosing from arrest. Elliot and other grieving parents now focus their efforts on giving out lifesaving injectors, nasal sprays, and vials – which can reverse an overdose.

“There is a receptor in your brain that tells you to breathe and opiates sit on the receptor… that receptor likes naloxone better than the opiate so if you inject someone with naloxone it immediately pops the opiate off that receptor,” Elliot explained.

Elliot argues if an addict survives an overdose there is also hope they can overcome their addiction.

“It is not a solution to the heroin epidemic. What it is is a way to keep people alive long enough to get into long term recovery… they may wake up and go use tomorrow but they may not,” Elliot suggested.

The kits are also given out friends and family of addicts so they can save their loved ones. They can be requested through the group’s website:

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