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Parents: Sexual assault of child, 5, at school "being swept under rug"

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Source: WGCL Source: WGCL

CBS46 is exposing allegations of an alleged sexual assault at Level Creek Elementary School in Gwinnett County. 

The alleged victim's parents are speaking out, saying they want to warn others. The parents CBS46 spoke with feel the case is being swept under the rug with no accountability, leaving every child in this school at risk.

CBS46 News is concealing the identities of both parents and their child in this story. Their 5-year-old son is an alleged sexual assault victim.

Sources with the Gwinnett County School District tell CBS46 the incident happened on Halloween, just as kids lined up inside the gym waiting to get picked up from school. They say a kindergartner "inappropriately touched another" and that was it.

The alleged victim's parents say their son's version of what happened is much more disturbing and graphic.

"He said the other child was going to punch him in the face if he didn't show him his penis," said the alleged victim's mother. "He asked him to pull down his pants and he put up his book bag on one side."

In a police report filed by the parents, their 5 year old son tells police the other child threatened him and performed oral sex on him. In complete disbelief, the parents then came to the school to watch the surveillance video.

In what they describe as a nonchalant meeting with the school's principal, they watched the play by play. In the video, they claim to also have seen a teacher, standing just steps away as the alleged sexual assault took place. 

"That child is still allowed to go to that school. No expulsion. No need for that child to be looked at with therapy," continued the alleged victim's mother. "Help that child out before introducing him to an environment where he could possibly harm somebody else."

School officials declined our request for an interview telling us they "investigated and closed the case", adding no disciplinary actions or prosecution was warranted.

A spokesperson told CBS46 quote: "It is understandable that parents do not always agree with the action taken with students. However, given the age of the students involved and what we know of the situation, this was handled as it should have been."

These parents tell CBS46 their child has not gone to school since what happened and just recently they had to take him to get tested for STD's and HIV.
Sources do tell us the Gwinnett County District Attorney's office has picked up the case.

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