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Concerns over Trump's choice for Education Secretary

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President Elect Donald Trump nominates one more Washington outsider for his administration.

He wants Secretary of Education to be Michigan activist Betsy Devos. DeVos is a virtual unknown on the national scale but she has spent decades pushing for school choice in Michigan.

Parents like Rebecca LeSueur worry what would happen if Betsy Devos became the U.S. Secretary of Education.

“She didn’t go to public school, her kids don’t go to public school, she didn’t go to public college and if she’s coming from a strictly private background and a pretty privileged background.”

Trump's pick came as a surprise to many Atlanta educators.

“There’s a real lack of knowledge on who she is and lack of experience, ” said third grade teacher Adrian Spatzer.

She worries that would pro-charter and vouchers would mean moving money from public schools to private pockets.

"As an educator what worries me is that she’s not connected to public education at all it’s all private schooling and she wants to privatize public schools.

Despite the concerns raised, school choice, is popular with many education reformers like Devos.

Just this year, Governor Nathan deal tried pushing for a similar concept which would have allowed the state to take control over failing schools, hoping to turn them around.  

The proposed amendment was ultimately defeated this election.

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