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City of Atlanta upgrades cameras throughout the city to better solve crimes

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Cameras on the streets of Atlanta are tracking your every move and inside the Atlanta Police Department's Video Integration Headquarters operators are watching and leaving people being filmed with questions.

"There are questions about public privacy and things like that that should be brought up when we add more security cameras and things like that," Bryan Johnson who lives in Atlanta said.
The city assures the cameras are only being used to keep the public safe. After spending nearly $400,000 on better technology the video makes it easier for investigators to solve crimes and prevent certain issues investigators have dealt with in the past.

"You may have a a crime event and it was video taped but we cant determine the identification or read the license plate that was in the video," Mayor Kasim Reed said during a press conference, Monday.
The police department has been using their own surveillance cameras since 2011. The city says crime has gone down 27% in the past seven years but couldn't immediately say just how many crimes the cameras helped solved.

"I'm confident because of this camera network there's been a reduction of overall crime in our city, specifically the downtown space," Atlanta Police Chief George Turner said.
Most people CBS46 spoke with agree being that watched by so many cameras can invade privacy but they added as long as you're not doing anything wrong there's nothing to worry about.
"If someone does something to you there's always someone watching so you always have your own back," Jay Akpo-Sanni said.
Mayor Reed hopes to have more than 10,000 cameras in place by next year.