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Woman's window smashed in confrontation with police

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(Source: Lauren Law) (Source: Lauren Law)

From the time she was approached, to the moment her window was smashed, Lauren Law recorded every second of what happened when she was pulled over by a Henry County police officer.

Police said they stopped the 27-year-old at the intersection of North Henry Blvd. and Pinehurst Drive for a broken tail light.

When officers asked to see her driver’s license, Law wouldn’t give it up. She argued it was within her constitutional rights to refuse to hand over her I.D. because she had not committed a crime.

In the video she could be heard saying, “What crime am I suspected of committing?

The officer responds by telling her she was pulled over for a traffic violation.

Law then tells the officers that traffic violations are not crimes, according to People v. Battle.

The debate continues for a few minutes.

Then, multiple officers warn Law that they will break her window if she doesn’t comply with their commands.

Seconds later, the window is smashed.

“All of this over a traffic violation,” said Law. “I didn’t know what the outcome would be for me…and they dragged me out of the car and begin to kick me and I was just really, really scared,”

CBS46 questioned an attorney about the matter. We asked if Law was within her rights to refuse to roll down her window and give her driver’s license to the officers.

“It doesn’t matter whether police suspected her of committing a traffic violation or a more serious crime, “said attorney Page Pate. “They had a right to pull her over and request to see her driver’s license.”

In a statement, Henry county police said the officers’ actions are being reviewed, but so far it seems they acted appropriately and didn’t violate any laws.

The department is also preparing for prosecution.

“Of course once they had the right to arrest her, they had the right to break the window and get her out of the car,” said Pate.

After being taken to the hospital, Law was taken to jail. She’s charged with obstruction of an officer and improper brake lights. 

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