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Group asks GDOT for bike lanes, tunnel under GA 400

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Although there is a lot of congestion around Abernathy Road and GA 400, Juan Rivera still likes the location.

"Especially here, there are so many things you don't have to drive anywhere you can just bike if you want," Rivera said.

But Rivera says there could be improvements made to the area that would encourage more people to bike.

Georgia Bikes board president Joe Seconder is pushing for a bike lane to be added when GDOT builds a converging diamond interchange at Abernathy and 400.

Seconder would also like to see something more drastic. He would like to see a tunnel added.

"You could ride here, go under here, have a little tunnel, come under the bridge there up at grade, and then come back down, so you could continuously flow and move," Seconder said.

His estimate cost is about $3 million for a 200 foot tunnel on each side of 400.

There are a lot of cars but not a lot of foot or bike traffic. Some people say they would bike more if it was safer.

"I'd rather be where there is not as much congestion so I would say yeah if it was improved I would probably be around here a lot more," Rivera said.

"I don't see any body crossing the river here because there is no bridge there then they put the bridge and people cross," Seconder said. "You don't see a train until they build a track. You don't see people on bicycles until you build safe facilities."

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