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Apartments cited more than 300 times in DeKalb County

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A CBS46 investigation found that DeKalb County Code Enforcement has issued more than 300 citations at the Walden Pond Apartments in Decatur during the past seven years.

Howanda Calloway pointed out numerous problems with the living conditions in her apartment.

“You can’t light the fire place because if you light the fireplace, I’m scared the whole building is going to catch on fire. So it’s better to be safe than sorry,” Calloway said.

Her floor is caving in and the foundation next to her patio door is falling apart.

“When it pours down raining outside it pours down raining in my house,” Calloway said.

She said the rain leads to mold, which then leads to health problems.

“I asked my daughter to take my grandchildren out of here because it has affected my health. I’ve had an infection in my lungs and around my heart and it caused my body to shut down and have a stroke on my left side,” Calloway said. “I pray that somebody helps us, DeKalb County commissioners, I’ve talked to folks in the commissioner’s office and all they did is call and send the inspectors back out here, which leads to nothing.”

We’ve learned there are multiple owners associated with the Walden Pond Apartments, like Lakeside of DeKalb, Steve Astrin and in Calloway’s case, Lloyd Cutter.

She is now holding out hope that her faith will pull her through the problems she is facing at this run down complex.

“I just want to get out of here and have a safe place for my children and my grandchildren,” Calloway said.

DeKalb County Code Enforcement said that because there is no apartment association for the property, officers are limited in the citations they can write.

The county blames a state law, which they hope to amend this legislative session.

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