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Statham police officer reports shooting at home

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An investigation is underway after a metro Atlanta police officer said he was the target of a shooting.

The details are sketchy, but nonetheless, Statham Police Chief Allan Johnston is concerned about the safety of his officers after he said someone shot at the home of Officer Johnny Wood in Jackson County.

According to the incident report, the bullet hit a metal gate in his driveway. 

“The bullet penetrated both sides through and through,” Johnston said. “He said I couldn’t even tell what kind of car it was, and he said maybe the car just backfired.”

CBS46 asked Johnston if investigators located a bullet or casing at the scene of the incident.

“No, there was no bullet casing that I am aware of being recovered,” Johnston said.

The chief posted on the Statham Police Department’s Facebook page, calling it a drive-by shooting.  However, the incident report describes it as nothing more than damage to property. 

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is the lead investigative agency.

“He didn’t get any kind of description. I mean he didn’t see it. It was gone by the time he got outside to check things,” Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum said.

This incident happened just a few weeks after some concerned citizens complained that they were falsely arrested for DUI in Statham because they take basic prescription medication.

Council member Perry Barton posted a comment online saying, “The hate group has whipped their lunatics up and now they’re shooting.”

Barton’s wife said, “I’m calling out CBS46 and those posting hateful things…”   

So we asked Chief Johnston if he believes that the turmoil over the last couple of months may have led to the incident.

“I would be speculating if I said that. I mean it was obviously a drive-by and I don’t have any idea who it would be,” Johnston said.

It’s now up to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department to complete its investigation, which the sheriff said will be a challenge since Officer Wood waited until the day after the incident to file a report and did not call 911.

“We’re talking to people and nobody saw anything. So it’s really difficult and it’s troubling that we don’t have anything to go on,” Mangum said.

Mangum also said no one in the neighborhood heard the gun shot either so they have very little to go on.

“I thought about deer hunters, I don’t know. We just don’t know. I hope that we do get some leads,”  Mangum said.

Often times the Georgia Bureau of Investigation will investigate a shooting involving an officer, but the GBI informed CBS46 they are not investigating this case.

“Let it run its course, the investigation, then let the responsibility lie where the evidence proves. Don’t assume anything,” Johnston said.

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