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DeKalb Sheriff issues phone scam alert

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Middle and North Georgia communities have been dealing with telephone scams and now those scams have reached DeKalb County. 

According to the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office calls are being placed by individuals identifying themselves as sheriff's deputies claiming to have an arrest warrant for the call recipient. The recipient is then being accused of having failed to appear for jury duty. 

Like any other scam, there is money involved. The scammer offers to accept payment of the fine as a way of avoiding being arrested. They suggest using pre-paid cards, and they sometimes ask for personal information that could be used to access bank accounts and steal identity.

"The call is a scam - a hoax," says Sheriff Mann. "The sheriff's office will never call a person to say they will be arrested unless they pay a fine for not appearing for jury duty. Individuals who are called for jury duty are notified by mail if they fail to appear".

These scam callers have used names and badge numbers of actual law enforcement officers to convince unwitting residents that the call is legitimate.

Sheriff Mann advises anyone who receives such a call to hang up. As this practice is common and widespread, people can also call the local FBI to report the call.