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Officials unveil action plan to counter gas station crime

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Fulton County Chairman John Eaves has been trying to find ways to cut crime in south Fulton County. It’s where a rash of carjackings at gas stations have taken place in recent months.

On Tuesday, Eaves hosted a meeting with law enforcement, attorneys and others to come up with some solutions.

Slider crimes - considered robberies, theft from cars and theft of the car itself - are skyrocketing in south Fulton County, up 138 percent from 2015 to 2016.

It’s a dangerous and alarming trend.

"Used to be, somebody would come in and take a BMW," said Daniel Ngugi. "Now they are taking any car."

Seventy-one percent of the gas station slider crimes in south Fulton County happened at just five gas stations last year.

Ngugi knows it all too well. He’s the district manager for the BP gas station on Cascade Road. His gas station was hit the hardest with 22 percent of the crimes happening there.

He says the car thefts started last March. Since then, the problem has only escalated.

"What they can help us with is by more police patrol, that would help a lot," he said. "More undercover presence."

Chairman Eaves said he’s looking at all options.

"We want to get input from you," he said. "Input from the business community, input from concerned citizens, input from the law enforcement community.

Eaves said he plans to take all feedback from Tuesday's meeting and use it to craft recommendations to be shared with the board of commissioners. After that, he said they’ll create a crime fighting action plan.

"We are experiencing a spike in the number of crimes that are being committed but I’m very confident, very convinced that this problem can be curtailed over the next months ahead."

Fulton County Commissioners are expected to vote on crime fighting measures to curb trend in gas station burglaries Wednesday.

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