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Emergency warming shelters open across metro-Atlanta

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Warming shelters across metro-Atlanta remain open Saturday night. The Old Adamsville Emergency Warming Center is over capacity, but isn't turning anyone away.

"Great people here," John Cox told CBS46 reporter Natalie Rubino.

Cox is homeless. He's grateful for a night away from sleeping outside and worrying about frigid temperatures.

"I've had friends that have died in the past because it was too cold and I don't want to be one of those statistics," he said.

Happy to be indoors, John is passing the time by watching T.V. and playing board games.

"The staff, they treat us real good, real kind. They treat us with respect. It's like we're at home."

Everyone is given warm meals, toilet trees and access to showers.

"We don't want anyone to freeze to death and while they're here we want to help them as much as we can," Mark Henderson, Crisis Intervention Manager for the Mayor's office said.

Staff say that this weekend they've seen many people come to the center because of power outages.

 "They may need to be able to get in to some place warm because they don't have heat, they don't have electricity, maybe seniors maybe people who are disabled, we want to make sure they're OK as well," Henderson said.

The warming center is always open when temperatures go below freezing. They're preparing to stay open through Tuesday.

If you know someone who needs a place to stay you can call the crisis hotline at 404-546-2619.