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Police search for alleged home burglar caught on camera

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DeKalb County police are looking for a man who barged into a woman’s home and stole several pieces of jewelry.

Sherice Dunham said her doorbell is equipped with a camera which she said caught the criminal red handed.

“When I came in, the jewelry box was wide open and the drawer was off,” Dunham said.

Dunham said the thief stole some of her most precious possessions.

“The most important piece is my class ring because it’s not one that can be replaced because it’s so unique,” Dunham said.

It turns out the burglar busted through her front door while no one was home. It’s the second time someone has broken into her home on Leyland Cout near Decatur during the past few weeks.

“For 10 years I never had any problem and then all of a sudden the week before Christmas we get a break-in and then here we come again, another one almost a month to the day,” Dunham said.

CBS46 has learned that there has been home break-ins during the past seven days within a mile of her home.

“I was told by one of the detectives that a lady’s house was broken into, they stole some items, they stole a spare car key and then they came back a few days later and stole the car,” Dunham said.

As for Dunham, she expects to be out more than $6,000 by the time repairs are made and items are replaced.

“It’s aggravating because you work so hard for everything you have and for somebody to just come in and just take it,” Dunham said.

DeKalb County Police issued a BOLO for the suspect seen in the video and also released the following statement.

“DeKalb County Police constantly monitor crime trends and increase patrols in those affected areas. We also work closely with community groups and encourage residents to remain alert and report any suspicious activity they observe. Community support and awareness lends a great deal of assistance in solving these crimes. Residential burglaries were down 16 percent.  Although these numbers have decreased, we realize that when you are a victim of crime, those numbers are not important.” 

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