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School booster club raffles off semi-automatic rifle

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A Georgia school district is at the center of a controversy and it all surrounds a booster club holding a raffle to support some athletic programs. The problem is that the prize is a rifle.

Lynda Hudson showed CBS46 the firearm on Tuesday, which is making a lot of noise in the small town of Dawsonville.   

“It is a semi-auto, meaning that you have to pull the trigger every time you intend to fire it. One fire per trigger pull. It’s a semi-automatic rifle, 556 caliber,” Hudson said.

“As I said before, it is a semi-automatic weapon.  It is not an assault rifle,” Hudson said.

She and her family own the Appalachian Armory store in downtown Dawsonville and said they were approached by a school booster club about donating the weapon for a raffle.

“Our opinion was an item to help them raise the most money possible would be an AR,” Hudson said.

But a raffle to help support the Dawson County soccer teams bothered some parents when it was noted that the drawing for the rifle would be held at the first varsity home game.

“I wouldn’t have a weapon serve as my motivation to give money to the soccer team,” parent Susie Blum said.

We asked other residents if he thought it was appropriate and received a much different response.

“Yes, I do because people can’t afford those. When you can’t afford them, why not take a chance with the raffle and get one,” resident Mark Z-man said.

Some consider it the right to bear arms and in this case for a worthy cause.

“I’m fixing to go pay $5 for that. It would be a great birthday present for one of my children that are now in their 30s,” Z-man said.

The Dawson County School District told CBS46 they did not sponsor or approve the raffle and it doesn’t appear they plan to prevent it from happening.

“A person that wins this has to pass a background check. They have to go through the same hoops as someone coming in off the street into our store to buy it off the wall,” Hudson said.

CBS46 asked the district to provide contact information to the booster club so that we could reach out to them on the issue, but that didn’t happen. That said, the school district said the raffle is legal.

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