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Man who rescues pit bulls says breed not as dangerous as some might think

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Jason Flatt has more than 100 pit bulls or mixes in his rescue and for him, it is personal. He believes he knows the pit bull breed as good as anyone else.

Flatt has a home on nearly 15 acres of land in a rural part of metro Atlanta and says saving pit bulls are his mission in life. As you drive up to his home, it's obvious that he takes pride in his dogs.

Of the over 100 rescued dogs on his land, none need him more that 6 year-old Nassy, who seems agitated without Flatt.

"I had a friend who rescued him. He was a young dog 6 months old and he got very sick with cancer so he was never socialized," said Flatt. "But you see his world just changed. He's a different dog when I stepped in."

Flatt says every dog here has a story, including Stoney.

Stoney was in two different pounds as a puppy and Flatt says, Stoney doesn't like anyone. He says it took Stoney four months just to get used to her handler.

After two children were mauled, one fatally, last week in Atlanta, Flatt says the breed is coming under fire.

"It should not have happened. The dog should have been contained and that's why there are leash laws," says Flatt.

Flatt has rescued countless pit bulls from poor neighborhoods and says the problem is pet owners who aren't educated. He says those owners either don't know the laws or just don't adhere to them.

But many people are critical of the dog breed. A Time Magazine article quoted animal news organization 24-7 and their data showed pit bulls make up only 6 percent of the dog population but they're responsible for 68 percent of dog attacks and 52 percent of dog-related deaths since 1982.

Flatt believes one of the solutions begins with animal control. He says they need more officers.

Meanwhile, state representative Keisha Waites announced she will introduce legislation that would require owners of dogs with potentially violent and aggressive behaviors to register for special ownership permits. 

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