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Atlanta police investigate illegal drugs sold online

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The Atlanta Police Department zeroed in on a possible drug dealer operating online in the city.  

“This is probably an easy way to make some money real quick,” Lt. Jeff Cantin said.

As a member of the Atlanta Police Narcotics Unit, Lt. Cantin found LSD, Molly pills and Mephadrone all being sold on a site called after CBS46 brought it to their attention.

“Those are the three drugs on that website that are Schedule I, which have no medical value and those are the ones that we can arrest you for,” Cantin said. 

The website is registered to a Sammy Chunga in Atlanta, and while we found a Facebook page for him, Sammy himself was nowhere to be found.

And it’s no surprise that Atlantans were surprised by our findings.

“Wow, that’s not good. That’s not good America, we’re not doing good right now,” resident Al Rollins said.

“We’ve already got enough going on and we don’t need that in the streets right now,” resident Tasha Simpson said.

Our investigation also identified multiple online complaints about the company calling it a scam. Nevertheless, Atlanta police plan to investigate.

“Obviously if you’re going online to buy drugs online and you’re sending money in and it’s a fraud, you’re probably not going to make a police report. What are you going to tell police? I bought illegal drugs online and they took my money,” Cantin said. “The days of people standing on street corners, or standing in front of gas stations, that’s going away.”

The Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker also received a complaint from someone who said they were ripped off on the site.  Atlanta police tell CBS46 they will reach out to their federal partners to assist in the investigation.

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