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CBS46 investigates rising death toll on GA highways

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While driving down the interstate, you often see people who appear to be texting while driving.

"I see quite a few people, especially at the stop light and the light change, and I notice they are not moving, and when they do pull off I notice they have the cell phone in their hand," driver Stanley Guilford said.

Even though it's against the law to text and drive, it's believed this could be a cause of Georgia's highway death toll rising. 

"We see no traces of alcohol in some of those crashes so you kind of put two and two together and say, well this is symptomatic of texting," said Harris Blackwood, who is the director of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. 

CBS46 tracked down some numbers and found that Gwinnett County police has seen an increase in texting and driving citations. In 2014 they had 1,525. In 2015 it rose to 1,589. In 2016 that number jumped to 2,413.

"The estimate last year was about 10 percent of crashes nationwide, about 3,000 crashes were contributable to texting," Blackwood said.

The Governors Office of Highway Safety and drivers say it's up to people to change their ways.

"We can make laws all day long, but we've got to get people to be willing to put down that phone," Blackwood said.

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