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Atlanta bicyclists take safety concerns to leaders

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Jerrelle Anderson is a Grady baby that has seen Atlanta change for bicyclists.

"It has gotten a lot better, especially now with the Belt Line and stuff like that. You see a lot more people getting out," Anderson said.

But he knows there is still room for improving safety for riders.

"I've never seen a cop pull somebody over or stop someone for blocking a bike lane or cutting off a biker," Anderson said.

Improvement is what Bike Law Georgia is working toward. Advocates went lobbying at the State Capitol and met with top law enforcement officials.

"I think they were very receptive," Bike Law Georgia representative Bruce Hagen said.

Hagen says he brought biking issues to their attention. 

"Georgia has a 3 foot law that says if you are in a car and you pass somebody on a bike, you have to leave at least 3 feet. That's a yard and there seems to be no enforcement of that law. Really it's questionable whether officers and drivers even know about it," Hagen said.

In response to some concerns raised about police and biking law, an Atlanta police spokesperson said the following in a written statement:

"Our officers that utilize bicycles actually are present in all six zones and in most cases utilize the road as a method of travel. Our officers are trained in traffic law in its entirety, including laws that surround cyclists and the rules that govern their safe travel. Atlanta Police Officers do enforce these laws and issue citations when laws are broken, as with all traffic related laws."

Atlanta currently has 104.4 miles of different kinds of bike lanes.  

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