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Not to be denied!

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Angela Robinson

Former WAGA & 11 Alive TV

Believe it or not... it‘s that time again.

From South Fulton county to Stonecrest and a few cities in between, it’s time to vote!

Not again, you say.

Yes... time to go back to the polls. I know many of us have election fatigue thanks to the never-ending, tension-filled, down-right ugly presidential campaign of 2016. But catch your breath.

Early voting starts Feb. 27, election day is March 21.

We all know the real work happens on the local level, so everyone eligible to vote, please show up and pick your leaders wisely.

Clarkston has a vacancy on its city council to fill. South Fulton and Stonecrest, full slates: mayor and city council.

The good news, people are coming out in droves in South Fulton to run for office, really engaged in the political system. But I must admit, the candidate that caught my attention, Mary Pat Hector, running for a council seat in the city of Stonecrest.

For the record, this is not an endorsement.

I cannot vote for her as I am a proud resident of the city of Atlanta. But I have to applaud her tenacity, her character, her, “I will not be denied spirit”. I love it!

She is doing exactly what we have begged young people to do for years. If you want to see change, GET INVOLVED!

She followed the rules, the process, and did not give up when others said she should be disqualified.

No ma’am!

I’ve watched this young Spelman College sophomore grow up and into her place of service. As the National Youth director for the National Action Network, Mary Pat Hector is a Force. 

She gives me strength to press on! After her victory to keep her name on the ballot, Mary Pat said this, “When you fight for something you truly believe in, you really can prevail.”  YOU GO GIRL!