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Cobb County DOT partners with Waze driving app

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With the Waze app, information from other drivers allow you to find ways to get around traffic jams, construction zones and other slow downs.

"I think it's a great app and will be very useful for people to use," driver LaShaun Corley said.

"I think it's an awesome way to get around," driver Jacob Copher said.

The Cobb County Department of Transportation is partnering with Waze to share information. Waze will be given real-time road information from the county, which benefits drivers.

"What they've got is real-time travel data all the time from us so what's out on Waze for them if they are using Waze is constantly updated," Cobb County DOT director Jim Wilgus said.

In turn Cobb County gets traffic data from Waze users that can be used for future road improvement projects.

"It could include something as simple as converting a left turn signal into a flashing yellow signal," Wilgus said. "It could include adding a right turn lane."

Not everyone welcomes what Waze offers. Many of its shortcuts sends drivers through neighborhoods.

"Cars that are using us as a cut through don't care about our small little community, they just want to hurry from point A to point B," one resident said.

The Cobb County DOT director says he understands that concern and it's one they too have.

"The one in particular that is of most concern to me is the covered bridge because that's one that certain vehicles can't go through there," Wilgus said.

CBS46 is told they are working on that issue with Waze. 

Drivers say in the long run they think this will be a benefit for both sides.

"Anything that can improve traffic and information that can be useful and helpful in helping make things better going forward I think is a good idea," Corley said.

"I think it will just help improve the app all around and make it better for everybody," Copher said.

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