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Woman chases thief caught stealing her mail on camera

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Out of nowhere and in broad daylight, Ali Kimm knew something wasn’t right when a stranger showed up on her doorstep in Atlanta’s Grant Park.

“And then I see this man steal my package out of my mailbox, which I was not expecting at all,” Kimm said. 

Kimm was working from home when she got a notification on her phone that someone was at her door. That’s when her doorbell camera captured the man stealing her mail.

“So my immediate thought was I probably shouldn’t go out there, but I remembered it was a return package and so it had this slip with all my information on it and I didn’t want him to have that,” Kimm said.

Kimm chased after the mail thief in a bold attempt to protect her identity.

“Then I told him I knew it was under his jacket because I have a video and I could show him the video, so I was like I know you have it,” Kimm said.

The United States Postal Service said more than 2,039 people were convicted of mail theft nationwide last year, which is a federal offense.

“I asked him like four times, 'Can you just open your jacketed?' He said, 'It’s not there.' Then he finally opened it and obviously my package was in there so he was like, 'Oh, oh that’s weird.' It was really bizarre,” Kimm said.

So you can imagine how alert Kimm is now when someone shows up at her door and she’s already planning to scare them off if it happens again.

“I feel like if I could try to disguise my voice as a male it would be even better,” Kimm said.

The United States Postal Service told CBS46 they will now investigate the incident to see if there have been other complaints which could lead to an arrest.

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